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GRAZE by the river…
Coffee Bar and Restaurant

Welcome to GRAZE by the River…where our cuisine is
inspired by Nature and created with Love. We strive to
only use organic vegetables grown by ourselves or by
our local partners so there are no pesticides or
dangerous chemicals used in their production. Our
other ingredients including meat, fish and dairy
products are all selected for their quality and the way
they are produced, in an ethical and sustainable way.
We roast our own coffee beans and smoke our fish and
meat products on site so that we have a foot print of
everything on your plate, which we think, and we hope
you think too, is important. So sit back and enjoy the

GRAZE experience, BON APETIT….


We are open Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 2.30pm and Sunday Lunch only from 12 noon till 2.30pm. We are open for dinner strictly by reservation (Please call us on 063 644 3878) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings only, out of season.





Served from 9h00 until 11h30

Simple Graze R30.00

1 hard boiled egg, toast and butter


Straight Graze R65.00

1 egg, fried with a slice of bacon and toast, butter and jam with a cup of tea or an Americano coffee 


Morning Graze R98.00

2 eggs, fried with two slices of bacon, mushroom and tomato with a slice of toast and butter


Full Graze R130.00

2 eggs fried with two slices of bacon, mushroom, tomato and free-range pork sausage, hash brown with toast and butter 


Healthy Grazing R110.00

2 poached eggs, on seeded brown bread with cream cheese and home-smoked salmon trout 


Chic Grazing R110.00

2 poached eggs, bacon and home-made hollandaise sauce on an English muffin 

Please choose from white, brown or seeded bread


Organic Graze Fresh

seasonal fruit R45.00, add granola  R25.00, add yogurt R20.00 and add honey R10.00


Green Breakfast bowl R95.00

Green smoothie including yoghurt, kale, apple, ginger and date with spirulina, topped with granola, coconut, goji berry, apple and mint. 


Tropical Breakfast bowl R95.00 

Smoothie including yoghurt, papaya, pineapple, coconut, and ground flaxseed topped with granola, papaya, mint and seasonal berries. 



Avo toast – (seasonal) R45.00

Fresh smashed avo with lemon juice and sesame seed served on seeded bread  


Banana toast R40.00

Fresh smashed banana with cinnamon and cardamom served on seeded bread 


English butter scone R45.00

with cheese, homemade jam and fresh farm cream 


Healthy scone R40.00

with nuts, seeds and dried fruit and fresh local honey 


Health Shots:

Jamu Shot – Ginger, Turmeric and tamarind R25.00

Vitamin C Shot – Cold pressed orange, turmeric and Cayenne pepper R25.00


Health Shakes:

Green smoothie – Kale, apple, ginger, spirulina and date with yoghurt. R55.00

Tropical Papaya – Papaya, pineapple, coconut and flax seed with yoghurt R55.00


Additional items when available, please add:

Gluten free seeded bread R10.00 per slice

Almond Milk R10.00

Fresh Farm Milk R10.00


Our eggs are produced locally, on a free range basis from Seaways Farm just on the outskirts of Port Alfred. 


The Feed

Served from 12h00

Mediterranean Veg Nest | R105.00

Seasonal veg including eggplant, celery, spinach, Swiss chard, tomato, garden herbs, Thai pesto and cheese on a stone baked organic pastry nest. Served with a fresh garden salad.



Our version of the famous Indonesian Vegan dish – fresh
green beans, carrot, cabbage and sweet potato steamed and then stir fried with a spicy peanut sauce and served with fresh boiled egg (only for vegetarians) basmati rice and prawn cracker starter R85.00 and R115.00 for main and for the non vegans why not try this dish with either chicken or prawns added…Chicken starter R95,00 or main R125,00 with prawns
starter R105.00 or main R160.00


Home-Smoked Gammon

Smoked over English Beech and then roasted in honey and served as an open sandwich with tomato and melted brie. On seeded bread R75.00 or with a fresh garden salad R115.00.


Fresh Mussels | Starter R90.00 & Main R120.00

Cooked the French way, Moules a la Crème, cooked with white wine, fresh cream a hint of garlic and some crusty bread.


Grazing Salad | Starter R75.00 & Main R115.00

Mixed organic leaf salad, picked daily on the farm, and seasonal vegetables including vine tomato, avocado, cucumber, purple Kohlrabi, beetroot, sweet potato, carrot, feta, and olives with our famous Graze dressing drizzled over the top.


Wild Salmon Stack Salad | R140.00 

Strips of lightly smoked salmon stacked on a bed of fresh garden salad, including avo, vine tomatoes, beetroot, sweet potato, cucumber, and seasonal pickings from the garden - layered on top of Thai pad noodles & drizzled with a sweet chilli sauce.


Smoked Calamari Salad | Starter R95.00 & Main R140.00 

Lemon salt cured calamari smoked over English beech and served with a fabulously fresh salad from the garden and drizzled with a sweet chilli, lemongrass, and ginger dressing. 


Smoked Chicken Salad | R115.00 

Free-range chicken breast smoked in our smoker over English beech shavings. Served with a fresh garden salad and homemade tree tomato chutney.

Freshly Smoked Snoek Pate | Starter R90.00 & Main R125.00

Smoked in our smoker and mixed with fresh Jersey cream, horseradish and chives. Served with warm ciabatta bread and our famous Graze garden salad as a starter portion.

Karoo Lamb Chops

Prime cut lamb rib chops, seared on the griddle and
served on a potato and leek mash with steamed seasonal vegetables and a plum and cherry reduction R165.00


Marinated Chicken Strips
Juicy marinated chicken breast strips, served with a fresh salad and yogurt and mint dip R90.00


Fresh Line-Caught Fish 

Our Famous House Specialty (depending on availability, Cob, Red Roman, Bream etc). Choose your fish and we will bake your fillet with baby rosa tomatoes, fresh basil, and rosemary. Served with a thermidor sauce on a bed of sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin mash. With seasonal steamed veg R180.00, or with a fresh garden salad R195.00.

Asparagus Goat Cheese and Pecan Nut Salad

Another great specialty salad (when seasonally available) fresh green asparagus from the farm lightly fried with a balsamic reduction and served on a bed of green mixed salad and smashed pecan nuts and served with our famous peach and apricot dressing (the salad dressing can be purchased to take home too) starter portion R95.00 as a main R140.00


Bali Bream | R165.00 

Inspired from our travels in Indonesia (depending on availability) we use local sea Bream or soldier (flatfish) and rub the fish with our homemade Indonesian rub (consisting of red chillies, garlic, ginger, root turmeric, coriander, lemongrass and nuts) marinated in the fridge over-night and served with mash or rice, steamed veg, and a chermoula sauce.


Marinated Squid and Tiger Prawns | R145.00 

Marinated in lemongrass, coriander, garlic, ginger and tomato and served with minted chickpeas, a hint of chilli, and fresh garden salad.


4 King Prawns | R145.00 

Served with rice or couscous and a garden salad (cooked according to your heated requirements) with lemon butter, garlic butter or peri-peri sauce. Why not add additional king prawns at R20.00 each!


Thai Massaman Seafood Curry | R145.00 

King prawns, calamari, mussels, fish, and crab sticks in a creamy coconut sauce served with basmati rice.


Chicken Panang curry | R135.00 

Chicken curry with chicken breast meat, potato, and veg in a fragrant creamy coconut sauce served with basmati rice.


Smoked Meat Platter | Starter R85.00 & Main R145.00

Home-smoked venison, chicken and duck breast (depending on availability) served with cheese, a garden salad, tomato salsa, and chilli marmalade with homemade apple and rosemary jelly (depending on availability) with warm ciabatta.

Matured Rump Steak (250gm 30 day) | R170.00 

Served with homemade chunky chips and a fresh garden salad.

Rib eye steak cured and matured by Robbie from the PA Butchery (300gm)

Served with a fresh cut garden salad and our famous chunky chips R185.00


Graze Gourmet Burger 

Choose between a100% pure Wagyu, beef, lamb or Vegan patty served on a braai roll with onion marmalade, chilli jam and a spicy tomato and veg relish, hand cut chunky chips and a side salad R135.00 or R145.00 for our Wagyu patty

Vegan bake

Leek, mushroom, egg-plant, spinach and lentil and served
with basmati rice and a small side salad – R125.00

Vegan cheeses are available to substitute and we do have gluten free bread and almond milk too, please just ask your waitron for more details.


Please ask about our daily specials and fresh line caught fish.

Please note that not all these dishes may be available due to seasonality and availability of some of our ingredients, but it gives you a flavor of what you can expect from us here at Graze by the River. 

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